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Seamless gutters are nationally recognized as the most popular form of gutters installed. Seamless Gutters are also known as Seamless Rain Gutters or Continuous Rain Gutters. 75% of all gutters installed throughout the nation are Seamless Gutters. You are in the right place if you are looking for information on continuous rain gutters, seamless gutters, guttering, rain gutter, copper gutters or a gutter contractor. Michigan Home Improvements offers gutter protection products and gutters & downspouts accessories.

Michigan Home Improvements provides seamless gutters to homeowners everywhere, and information. Free gutter estimates are available Call Today for a Free Estimate 734-947-0400 without any hassles.

Leaf Guard, Rain Drain, Leaf Filter, Gutter Protection, Gutter Screens are also available

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Seamless gutters eliminate leaks, clogs and warping that can lead to water damage. With The Michigan Home Improvements, your installation of gutters and gutter guards comes with these protections:

• 20-year no-clog warranty on gutter & downspout product failure
• 20-year limited warranty on leaf protection finish*
• 5-year craftsmanship warranty ensures the gutter installation was done right
• Only Michigan Home Improvements can offer this

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